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Ski & Snb school

Our ski and snowboard school Novako (accredited by ministry of education, youth and sports under the number: 093/2015-50) started in the season 2010/2011. We started in the skiarea Novako and during the first season we started to teach in the closed skiarea Neklid as well.

You can see here our school promo video:

There are intructors in the school which passed through the education courses focused on ski and snowboard teaching. Some of them made the courses focused on nordic skiing as well. We can manage the telemark courses for you as well. Our instructors are usually students or absolvents of pedagogic universities focused on physical education and sport so they do not have the knowledge only of skiing and snowboarding but as well of psychology, pedagogy or sports training. Most of them gained experiences in past seasons in other skiareas, at school or during the winter within the ski school courses.

We are usually working with small children so we are trying to lead the lessons in playing mood and according to development of the children organism. Of course, it is not a problem to optimize the education according to abilities of the children. The skilesson should have the scheme of sportlesson with all the rules and laws. The beginning of the lesson is focused on the warm-up of the organism, there could be a small play as well. Then, it is followed by the main part of the lesson where we are training the basic ski skills as braking, ride in snowplough, turning, ascents etc. Everything is directed by the skills of the student. It is the best to cool down the organism in the end, to discuss the main points of the lesson which we were trying to learn or improve.

We have three areas where we can teach the public. The playground for the smallest and for totally beginners. Then small wire lift where there can ride two persons and finally big lift suitable only for 1 persons with the 300 long skitrack. When we have the beginner for more hours, he should go through all the three areas and it depends only on the skills of the person how long this process will last for.

Our main area is the playground where we start with the beginners which are usually children. The playground is provided by animals, sports equipment as fluffy balls, milka cubes or basketball. Then we have the carpet for easier learning how to ascent uphill, small hill with the flat landing run for totally basics of going down the hill.

Everyday we have slalom made along the small lift for education of the turns and for some sport events or races. There is a wooden gate and ball as well.

The basic hour lasts for 50 minutes, two hours then 1 hour and 50 minutes. During the lessons of small children, we recommend to parents to avoid being close to the child, it is much better because of attention and focuse of the child. When there is a need of parents prezent, it is better to stay a bit further and not to affect the skilesson too much.


Ski and Snowboard school NOVAKO

1. Working hours 8:45 am – 4: 30 pm

2. Cancellation policy: Cancellation of the booked lesson at least one day before the start of the lesson – repayment of 100% of the paid amount, cancellation within the day of the lesson – repayment of 0% of the paid amount

3. The money can be given back only when the skiarea is out of order

4. All the activities within the skilessons underlied to the working rules of the skiarea Novako

5. All the skilessons starting and finishing according to the timetable. In case of your delay we cannot guarantee the whole skilesson (50 minutes)

6. The ordered lesson must be paid minimum 15 minutes in front of the beginning of the lesson, in opposite case the skischool has the right to occupy the lesson with another client

7. For your safety please adjust your skibindings in the skiservice

8. The skischool Novako has no responsibility for your health or for health of your children in the case of breaking the working rules of the skiarea Novako or skischool Novako

9. It is your responsibility to follow the ten recommended points how to behave on the ski slopes

10. The skichool Novako has the right to change the instructor