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The school is open every day and conditions are great:)

The ski and snowboard school Novako (accredited by ministry of education, youth and sports under the number: 093/2015-50) is here for everyone, for adults and for children as well.

You can choose from individual or group lessons. Both forms are suitable for beginners or intermediates.

Lessons are held within the ski resort Novako.

The gently slopes and small altitude of the ski slopes are ideal for first experience, offering enough space for more difficult tricks. The school can be found within the ski resort Novako or in the neighbouring ski restort Neklid.

Innovation is ski school for the smallest. First steps with skis are made in the closed area and by originaly way! All our customers ski in the resort for free!!! We have suprise for the youngest ones!

Why to visit school NOVAKO

  • Free ski pass (only skiarea Novako)
  • Moving carpet for all beginners
  • Ski resort focused on children
  • Only we are able to use the children playground
  • We have other equipment such a fluffy balls, basketball, ski poles and other toys
Closing party of the old season

We would like to invite you to our closing party which will take place on saturday the 17th of march 2018. The beginning is at 10 am. You can enjoy the race in slalom from 10 am and then other games for whole family. Come and enjoy the sun and snow with us.

Beginning of the new season

We would like to invite to to our first winter party. You can look forward to ski competition and a bit more fun. The opening day of the new season is saturday 17th of december this year. Everything will start at 10 am. You can find the poster in the “events calendar”.

Last day

Wednesday 12th of march is our last day of teaching. We would like to thank all our customers. We hope that you enjoyed skiing with us and you are satisfied. We are looking forward to the next season and we hope that the winter will be bit more generous to us!!!

Last days of teaching

The temperature is almost all the time above zero and the snow is melting quite fast. We have apporximately last week or two in front of us. So come and enjoy the last winter days with skis or snowboard in our school.

Promo video

Finally, we have got our own promo video from the skischool and from our small resort. Watch it and enjoy:) www.youtube.com/watch

Photogallery and weather

The weather is bit warmer nowadays and the sun is shining. Come and enjoy the sun with us. As you can see in the gallery we are teching no matter that the winter did not give us the conditions that we were looking forward to.

We can start with artifical snowing

The weather is finally much better and we can start to use our artifical snowing so the quality of snow and skitracks is much better. Come and try it on your own.

Happy new year

We wish to all skiers and for all the rest people as well all the best to the whole new year, enjoy the winter and mountains!!!

We are still in full service

The snow is melting around us bus the snow condition on our slopes is quite ok and our school and skiarea are in full service.

We are already in full service

Winter is here already for almost 14 days and since 7th december we are teaching how to ride snowboard and ski. There is not so much snow around but our skiarea and school are well prepared. We will be here everyday untill the end of march. Come and enjoy the winter with us!!!

Winter is here

It is already snowing for few days and our snow canons are making the snow on the slopes. Our Ski area already started this sunday and from 7th saturday the ski school is here for you as well.

New moving carpet for beginners

Come and enjoy our new moving carpet for all the beginners. The education is now much more easier and faster.